#Repost @amandabisk with @make_repost・・・FREE 14-DAY FITNESS LOCKDOWN CHALLENGE 🏼 During these crazy times it’s important for us to come together and help each other, however we can…I wanted to put together this challenge for those of you stuck in lockdown (or you can’t get to your regular gym/yoga studio) ️🏼HOW IT WORKS:15min follow-along workouts & yoga (I sweat it out WITH you in real time!)No equipment needed!A new video will be posted each day on my YouTube Channel (and also in my app #freshbodyfitmind 🏼)…just find the latest video posted on YouTube (or look under ‘challenges’ in my app).This is your chance to get fit, strong & flexible, even if you are stuck in isolation! 🏼 The best part is, you will have a whole bunch of people around the world doing the same class as you each day! 🥰 So if you would like to share your challenge here on Insta (post or stories), don’t forget to tag:#freshbodyfitmind & #comeoutstrongerSo we can find you, show support & maybe even make some friends along the way! 🏽‍🤝‍🏿🏼‍🤝‍🏽🏽‍🤝‍🏾🏻Tag some friends below & comment #comeoutstronger to let me know you’re in! 😬WE START THIS SATURDAY!First class will be this one! 🏼 15min WHOLE BODY HIIT30sec of each exercise (with 30sec REST after every second exercise)🏼 Workouts are even better with someone else, so don’t miss sweating it out with us!! See you Saturday! ab️x

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